Albania: Power generation in 2013, KESH and Kurum HPPs marked best results

, SEE Energy News

KESH Albanian power company marked excellent power generation results. Majority of electricity output was generated from hydro power plants of KESH.

Minimum monthly production during 2013 was conducted in September with 306,877 MWh. By comparison with results showing local net production, production for 2013 was 6,956 GWh, ie an average output over many years.

During 2013 hydro power plants in the central region generated best result, it’s the modern hpp with installed power of 240 MW. In 2014 also 40MW was produced by HPP which started working in 2013.

Overall production for 2013 from private generators / concession was 759 GWh or 11.1% of total net domestic production in 2013.

HPPs Ulez, bats and Bistrica 1, 2 from public producer KESH marked best results. During the second quarter hydro power plants managed by Turkish Kürüm International JSC realized an output of 126 GWh .