Albania: Rainfall increase water accumulation in KESH HPPs

, SEE Energy News

HPPs cascade of Drin reserves has increased by about 422 GWh compared to end of 2015, stated KESH.

Fierza HEC level is 12.7 meters above the level at 31 December 2015. If this reserve would be converted with the Hungarian stock prices, which are taken as a reference by KESH and DSO for export and import of energy, then the value of value the reserve created totaling over 22 million euros.

The data Operating and Monitoring Department of the cascade in the KESH, show that until 22.1.2016 Fierzë HEC level was 288.60 m and inflows were about 350 m3 / sec. Koman HPP was level at 173.70 m and side flows are around 160 m3 / s and the extent Vau Deja HEC was 74.50 m and lateral flow about 20 m3 / sec.

In late November 2015 Fierza basin level was 277.85.

Meanwhile, KESH managed with energy traders to stop, at no cost to KESH, electricity supply from imports previously contracted for the last week of November 2015.

However, seeing the water levels in Cascade, customers request tariff and forecasts the situation meteorological for the month of December 2015, KESH reduced by about 2 million expenditure on imports in December 2015 and funds saved thanks to rainfall, will now serve KESH to improve its financial balance, transmits