Albania: The Registration of Participants in the Electricity Market

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The electricity market in Albania is undergoing a reorganization process which began in 2015. Market liberalization is the central point of this process, accompanied by long lasting initiatives, such as the opening of the power exchange. The power exchange will be managed by the Transmission System Operator.

It is necessary to submit several documents to OST company in order to register market participants. The applicant fills in the registration form and submits a document containing technical information, a certified copy of the license, documents issued by OST and OSHH (Electricity Distribution System Operator) on access to transmission and distribution network, the latest annual balance sheet, with contact information.

Each registered participant must provide a bank guarantee. In accordance with the regulations, the guarantee amounts five percent of the market participants’ monthly plan multiplied by EUR 0.07 per KWh, but cannot be more than EUR 73,500 and not less than EUR 3,700.

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