Albania: Statcraft HPPs on Devol river gets electricity production licenses

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As investments in hydropower on the river Devoll Bank are at the peak, energy Regulatory Authority will provide these days the license for the production of electricity to “Devoll Hydropower” company. Energy Regulatory Authority is expected to rule on April 14, while Statkraft has completed the bulk of the volume of works in HPP Banja.

Devoll Hydropower is currently one of the largest hydroelectric investments in the Balkans and the first public-private investment in Albania.

Statcraft for HPP Bana Moglice will use two French turbine units and will have an installed capacity of approximately 65 MW.

Second HPP hydro Moglicë is higher and more powerful hydropower project. The power plant will use two Francis turbine units and will have an installed capacity of approximately 175 MW.

Completion of two HPPs will increase energy production by 17% through a 535 million euro investment. Also in the area where the project is taking place the investor is improving over 100 kilometers of roads and bridges. HPP is expected to become operational in 2018.

The concession agreement envisages the exploitation of hydrological potential of the Devoll River between the village bathing in Elbasan Municipality and the District Municipality of Maliq in Korca.

By making use of HPP Moglicë, water will flow into the reservoir of third HPP Kokël . But official sources from the company suggest that, for Kokël HPP construction will be decided only after being put into operation two other hydropower plants, transmits