Albania: Subcontractor tender for TAP launched

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The deadline for the submission of bids is 28 December and the maximum budget available for the contract is 3.4 million euros, VAT excluded. Albanian state-owned gas operator Albgaz launched a tender for providing subcontractor services for the maintenance of the Albanian section of the Trans-Adriatic (TAP) gas pipeline. The services should be provided in the course of 36 months after the contract is awarded. They comprise engineering works for repair, rehabilitation and restoration of TAP infrastructure in Albania.

TAP AG, a company in charge of the construction and operation of Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline (TAP), announced on Sunday that the pipeline has started commercial operations.

In 2018, TAP AG signed a Letter of Intent with joint venture of Albanian Albgaz and Italian Snam, thus finalizing the negotiations on the maintenance agreement for the Albanian section of the pipeline.

In 2017, Albgaz and Snam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development of the country’s gas infrastructure system. A statement from Snam said that, among other things, this collaboration is aimed to support Albgaz in the development of the infrastructure necessary to launch the gas market and the implementation of best practices. The system will be operated by Albgaz and its development coincides with the construction of TAP, which route crosses Albania on its way to Italy. In June, the two companies have signed an agreement on the establishment of the said joint venture. It will be 75 % owned by Albgaz and 25 % by Snam and it would also facilitate potential future technical collaboration for the development of the Albanian gas market. State-owned gas operator Albgaz has been established in December 2016, after its split from another state enterprise Albpetrol. The newly established company functions as a combined operator, carrying out the activities of gas transmission system operator and gas distribution system operator.