Albania: Termination of several wind farm concessions

, SEE Energy News

Four wind farm concessions, which were signed over a decade ago are in procedures for the termination that Albanian Energy Regulatory Agency (ERE) has started. These concessions were awarded in 2007 and 2008 in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Due to changes in legal framework and inactivity of the projects, ERE decided to reject requests for the extension of related licenses and initiated procedures for their cancellation.

The affected projects include the construction of 72 MW wind farm in Markat, a project developed by E-Vento, which will be terminated because a number of turbines should be installed on an archeological site. The concession for 150 MW wind farm in Kapshtice (HERA), 40 MW wind farm in Kavaje (ERS-08) and 230 MW wind complex in Lezhe (Biopower Green Energy) will also be revoked. According to concession agreement, all these projects were supposed to be commissioned before 2014.