Albania: The electricity production and export/import balance report 2013/2014

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The electricity production from all sources in 2013th increased for 16, 7 % compared to 2012th. The quantity of produced and exported energy reached 9.310 GWh. The electricity consumption in 2013th was greater for 4, 2 % than in 2012th. The energy quantity available for the final consumption reached 4.551 GWh compared to 2012th when it was 4.369 GWH and it is 48, 9 percent of total electricity for production. Final consumption of households and other consumers was increased for 4, 9 percent, namely 3, 4 percent compared to the previous year.

Total electricity production made 75, 1 % of total energy quantity, which increased for 47, 2 5. Total production in 2013th amounted to 6.987 GWh compared to 4.745 GWh produced in 2012th.

The main sources for electricity production were hydropower plants. The quantity of energy produced in hydropower plants was greater for 44, 3 % than in the previous year. The electricity production in hydropower plants makes 83, 6 percent of total production, while energy production in private power plants given into concession is 16, 4% of Energy in Albania. It was also recorded increase of 64, 5 % in energy production in private power plants under concession compared to the previous year.

Thermal power plants did not produce electricity during 2013th.

The import

The electricity import (including exchange) decreased for 28, 1% compared to 2012th. Import reached 2.323GWh in 2013th, which is 25% of total produced electricity, while it was 40, 5% a year later.

The export (including exchange) in 2013th amounted to 15, 3 percent of consumed electricity, that is 1.425GWh. The annual net export of 953GWh was achieved in the first half of 2013th.

Increased losses

Compared to 2012th, losses in the network were increased for 1, 7%, that is from 3.250GWh to 3.306gwH. They represent 35, 5% of disposed energy for consumption. Losses in the distribution system represent 96, 7 % of energy losses in the network, which were increased for 3, 8 %.

PM Gov Rama: The electricity, we fight for life or death

New Government inherited debt of CEZ distribution and Operator of OST network of 1.1 billion dollars. Currently, losses that were 50% have been reduced at 40%. The Government has intention to reduce loses below 40% in the near future. The payment was increased for 20 %.

The Prime Minister said that the energy situation was very difficult, even that this was the question of life or death, thereby sending a strong message to the citizens.

“Albanians must carefully listen to me: this is fight for life or death, which is daily, in order to avoid energy collapse. We inherited an established culture of non-payment. All need to understand that we will have no mercy toward those who steel and do not pay electricity. The more people would pay, we will be safer”.

Rama promised that supply with electricity would be duly, and warned that soon would start the payment campaign. “We will not start from the poor, but from those who have money and after that we will continue with the poor because also the6y have to pay. We will conduct plan of drastic measures, service deprivation to all those who are electricity debtors”.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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