Albania: Turkish Ayen Supports the Electricity Market

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Turkish company Ayen Enerji will construct hydro power plant of 99.5MW capacity in Albania. Company expects that the Albanian energy market will develop faster than the other hubs in the region, said Kenan Karamehmedović, Trading Manager.

Ayen together with Turkish construction company Cinar-San was awarded contract at the tender for the construction of HPP Pocem. Hydro power plant will be constructed on the River Vjose. Investment value is about EUR 100 million.

Ayen expects to receive the official concession from the Government. After that, the deadline for project completion is 36 months.

The company has already invested into large hydro project of 111 MW capacity in Albania. The first plant of 28 MW capacity started the operation in May last year. The second unit – Fangut, 64 MW capacity, is to be connected to the network in February 2017. The remaining two facilities of 19 MW total capacity should follow mid – 2017.

Foreign companies show more and more interest for Albanian energy market, said Karamehmedović.

At the recently held tender of the company KESH for electricity sale for the period 11 – 22 May, 13 companies participated. Danish Commodities, AXPO, Petrol and GEN-i among others.

Albania plans to establish its own day ahead electricity exchange at earliest in June next year, and has signed the binding agreement on connecting the market with at least one of its neighbors until July 2018.

The Albanian exchange offers a great opportunity for the development of liquidity compared to the Serbian and the Croatian exchange, believes Karamehmedović.

The Government plans to make the exchange the only platform for electricity sale and purchase, similar to the Greek system.

It means that the entire amount traded through the tenders held by KESH and OSHEE as well as all bilateral agreements will be moved to the exchange.

Some see it as restrictive measures that will stop trading development in the country. However, others believe that it will make trading more transparent, transmits