Albania: Wind farm near Fier to be built

, SEE Energy News

Local company Seman Energy has applied for a construction permit for wind farm in Topoje village, near the city of Fier in south western part of the country, Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announced.

According to the application, the new wind farm will have installed capacity of up to 3 MW, but no further details regarding the project’s cost or construction timetable have been revealed.

According to regulation, the construction of wind farms with installed capacity of up to 3 MW is not subject to concession procedures and such facilities could be built just with a permit issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. The Ministry received similar requests: in July, by local company Spark Wind, which also plans to build a wind farm of up to 3 MW in south western Albania, and in September by local company Natural Energy System for another 3 MW wind farm near Fier.