Albania:HPP key power gen facilities on max operation, KESH power utility challenged with emptying water reserves

, SEE Energy News

Both major rivers Black and White Drim, inflow of both rivers is very low so they can be openly called streams not streamlets. Independently from it, Energy Corporation of Albania (KESH) continues with production of energy in full capacities spending water reserves that had been made during winter and spring full with rainfall this way. Albania power gen consumption dominantly managed with large HPPs.

Although the water level of the  lake which is regulatory in accumulation lakes Vau, Dejes and Koman is in the scope of normal parameters for this period of the year, water level in Fierza Lake continues to fall because of minimal water inflow. Generally, draught and high temperatures are influencing on the fall of water inflow in Fierza Lake so much that both rivers look more like streamlets than rivers.

Springs inside of command hall of HPP Fierza claim that water inflow in this lake is 49 cubic meters per second at the moment considering that they fulfill with water the two biggest rivers in the country. Situation won’t be changed until September when synoptics predicted rainfalls.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/KESH