Austrian company „Bena“ starts business in Serbia

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The Viennese office centre provider Bena isexpanding abroad forthe first time, namely to one the most attractive locations in Belgrade, Serbia. The Business Embassy concept stands for high quality furniture and fit-out with a range of professional business services. The SEE Business Embassy is the first and only Business Center in Belgrade offering fully equipped offices from 10m2 upwards including offices, services and high-end telecommunication infrastructure. The Company SEE Business Embassies d.o.o. is a joint venture between Bena, the biggest Business Center operator in Austria, and the local ECOVIS Confidas Tax and Business Consultant group. The office management is in a position to support the establishment of international subsidiaries and business start-ups.

The generaldirector of Bena, Alexander Varendorff, tells us that the business concept for which Bena is known in Austria is oriented towards companies from abroad, Serbia and the region which are not physically present in Belgrade but which can immediately start doing business in Serbia through this company̕ s virtual office facility. This type of center, says Varendorff, is particularly attractive for small and medium-sized business activity in Serbia.

“We expect significant investmens in the next two years”, says Varendorff, adding that this was Bena̕s first business expansion in South-eastern Europe.

The SEE Business Embassy is situated on the 19th floor of the Usce Tower, the highest building in Belgrade. The Usce Tower is situated close to where the Sava river joins the Danube in New Belgrade.

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