Balkan’s energy connections to influence energy security of the countries, says Serbian energy minister Mihajlovic

29. March 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Minister of Energy, Environmental Development and Protection, Zorana Mihajlovic announced that she will try to gather Balkan countries’ representatives in the one smaller energy group in order to increase its safety in this area.

Zorana Mihajlovic announced cooperation and connection of Balkan’s countries for the purpose of bigger energy safety and security.

She estimated that Balkan countries suppose to connect mutually in energy policy, besides the existence of South East Europe Association.

The Balkan countries are mostly energy unstable and inefficient so the connecting can help them to become stronger in this area “to be strong enough to negotiate with partners and to increase energy security of their countries”, Mihajlovic said.

As Mihajlovic stressed, Balkan deserves much more attention in energy area because it is the shortest and most profitable way between east and west and it can be the safest so it supposes to use advantages of its geostrategic position.

She estimated that Serbia needs to use this comparative advantage which was much more talked about that it has been observed and it should be not only transit country for different types of energy, but also energy warehouse.

Source RTS

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