Big interest for small HPPs public call, 200MEUR investments expected fast says Minister Mihajlovic

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Public call for investing in small HPPs in 17 municipalities in Serbia expired, and the interest of investors is big- it is said in Energy Ministry.

This ministry is satisfied with investors’ response and the more concrete data about the number of registered and most attractive locations are expected next week.

Ministry of Resources published 45 days ago the public call for construction of small HPPs on 317 locations in Serbia that are ready for 120 to 200 million EUR investments.

Total capacity of these HPPs is around 110 MW and they are planned to be in operation until 2015 i.e. the latest in 2016 and to produce around 400 GWH of electricity annually.

In the scope of this public call that won’t be the only one, only safest locations in Serbia were chosen so 54 locations are possible for Tutin and about 23 places in Kraljevo- it had been announced from the Ministry earlier.

This is the first time Serbian Government calls investors to invest in renewable energy sources in so transparent way- Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic stressed and added that practice of making agreements for renewable energy sources in private has to be stopped.

Ministry will make a triple memorandum for understanding of these objects’ construction with interested investors and representatives of local government after the finishing the public call.

Stimulating measures of 7,38 to 13,72 euro cent per KWH are predicted for small HPPs in Serbia.

Duration time of stimulating tariffs is 12 years, and amounts of these stimulating measures will be harmonized with the inflation amount in euro zone once a year.

Source;Serbia Energy/MERZ/Agencies