Biomass market in Montenegro, emerging and awaiting to be explored

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Wider use of biomass for energy use currently practically does not exist in Montenegro.

Some of the wood-processing industry companies use biomass for production of energy for selfuse. The residual wood from hardwood is traditionally used for heating in households in heaters.

Small production of briquettes in some wood-processing companies is used in local markets. Significant use on the local market is expected with the increase in use of biomass for energy generation (pellets, briquettes, electricity). In order for this to happen technology transfer needs to happen first.

Considering that the need for energy from biomass from point of view of its price, green energy, sustainability is increasing, the use of biomass energy on the local as well as regional and wider markets in inevitable. This is the main condition for pushing the biomass as energy product in the future.

Montenegro has significant biomass (wood and other) potential that can be used for energy generation. Total estimation of energy value is 4.200 GWh.

The largest biomass energy potential is in the forestry sector. Currently forestry production is half of its possible potential, which points out to significant reserves. The growth of fast-growing plantations would be significant improvement in energy potential of biomass. The potential and suitable land exists in Montenegro.

The possible energy quantity presented shows that biomass could introduce large economic potential if it was used for energy generation. Energy from biomass is renewable and practically doesn