Bosnia: 13 bids were submitted for the financing and construction of thermal power plant in Banovici

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After more than two months, how long the public call did last, a candidate list of potential strategic partners for the financing and construction of thermal power plant Banovici was completed.

The call was opened until April 24th of 2014th. A public opening of bids and the determination of the documents correctness was held in the Mine premises by an expert committee and representatives of registered companies. How important this project is also shows the fact that at the address of RMU “Banovici” arrived thirteen bids, mostly of foreign investors, especially of the Chinese who have been dominated.

Among the received documentation, there were offers that did not meet the criteria, but that the Commission will further discuss on and determine their validity. The next step is to review the correctness of offers received within 30 days of opening, sending notifications to qualified bidders to participate in the second phase.
Given the partners’ election takes place in four phases, the first phase related to making a qualified bidders list has been completed and the second phase begins, which refers to the collection of preliminary technical – technological and financial bids of qualified bidders.

Completion of the entire process and the contract signing with a strategic partner for the development and financing of thermal power plant Banovici unit1-300 MW, according to the Director of Mines Munever Cergic, is expected by mid-next year.

The partners are expected to ensure the financing and facilities construction of the thermal power plants Banovici which will be 100 % owned by the RMU “Banovici” and mine will return the loan under conditions determined by contract with a strategic partner.

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