Bosnia: 51MW wind part to start construction in Nevesinje after obtaining environmental permission

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The project “Wind Park Trusina” is completely safe with its functional and technical solution considering environmental influence- Director of Institute for Protection, Ecology and Information Technology from Banjaluka, Predrag Ilic, said during public discussion in Nevesinje municipality.

-Investor is responsible to respect all measures of prevention, decreasing and easing eventually bad influences to the environment- Ilic said and reminded that opinions and remarks related to the Feasibility Study can be submitted in a month.

Like it was stated on website of Nevesinje municipality, study was done by University for Protection, Ecology and Information Technology, and RS Government awarded a concession for Nevesinje Company “Eol prvi” in October last year.

Denis Medjed from the Institute had a short presentation of the scheme of document talking about the project and possible influences on the environment.

-The main reasons for election of subject location are the results of researches gained on the base of continual measuring of wind speed, strength and direction of wind that investor “Eol prvi” have been doing on Trstina location since December 2006 in cooperation with Austrian Institute Energie Werkstatt and Belgrade’s Institute for multidisciplinary studies and researches- Medjed concluded.

He said that experts predicted that 51 MW strong wind park with 17 wind power plants can be built on this location.

Director of the company “Eol prvi”, Zlatko Mandzuka, said that research on Trusina have shown exceptional wind potential for electricity production so that collecting of required documentation is almost finished. He announced a beginning of construction work in the following season.

-It remained to get Elaborate for wind park connection to existing wind network, construction and energy permission and we can launch a construction of the first wind turbines- Mandzuka stressed.

According to his estimation, wind park “Trusina” can be launched in October 2014. Investment is about 150 million KM strong. Participants in the public discussion have positively estimated the Influence Study emphasizing the significance of this project for Nevesinje municipality and they introduced investor with existing potentials in the area of wind energy in Morine, Crvnje and Velez.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies/Nevesinje mun