Bosnia: 70 mil euro for environmental projects in power gen facilities

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Bosnian energy power company in 2011 spent around 70 mil euro for environmental projects and modernization in its power generation facilities.

In report of the energy company it was stated that projects were implemented in coal fired power plants Kakanj and Tuzla in emission control of the plants. In modernization of the power plant facilities, for filters and other emission measures projects it was invested more than 55 mil euros.

As for environmental projects in the areas of hydro power plants on Neretva river and DSO level including the project Power IV realization the company invested around 15 mil euro.

Considering the invested amounts into different environmental projects the company stated that it contiues to fullfill all EU related standards. All its coal pits, power plants, DSO and other system operations will resume the same patern in 2012 with similar investment cycle projections.