Bosnia and Heregovina, RS will have another 700 MW in green power plants in five years

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Republika Srpska exports up to 35% of the produced electricity, and it will encourage prosumers from those revenues, said the Minister of Energy and Mining, Petar Đokić. According to him, the current renewable energy projects of a total of 700 MW should be completed within five years.

Đokić states that the total power of the contracted projects of hydro and solar and wind power plants under construction is 700 MW and that they are worth 2.2 billion convertible marks (1.1 billion euros). Everything can be completed in up to five years, he said at the conference Energy and the Balkans: Transition to Renewable Sources and Improving Energy Connections organized by Confindustria.

Republika Srpska exports up to 35% of the produced electricity, and thanks to high market prices due to the energy crisis, these funds will be used to finance photovoltaic systems in residential buildings and affirm energy communities of small producers, Djokic pointed out.

Republika Srpska expects EU assistance for decarbonisation

Republika Srpska received 110 MW of capacity and 39 MW of solar power from 39 small hydropower plants, the minister noted.

The entity government is committed to decarbonisation, but currently has no funds and expects the European Union to help it, he stressed. Đokić said that the existing legal framework in both the Republika Srpska and BiH enables the protection of foreign investments.

Incentive auctions are planned

Republika Srpska is preparing incentives through auctions and will determine the available funds on an annual level, the minister noted. However, according to him, support is not necessary at all, given the current electricity prices, and there is great interest from investors.

On the other hand, the production of electricity in coal-fired power plants has become extremely expensive, Djokic added, pointing to rising costs for maintenance and repairs.

The biggest current project is the Dabar hydroelectric power plant, with 150 MW, he stated and mentioned that works on the Gornja Drina system have started and that the total power is expected to reach 90 MW.