Bosnia and Herzegovina: BH-Gas files complaint against Energoinvest

, SEE Energy News

Energoinvest has expelled BH-Gas from nominations as of 1 April and signed annex to the existing contract with Gazprom Export without the consent of BH-Gas. The gas company claims that the motive for this move is solely political, not economic. BH-Gas released a statement regarding the unilateral decision of Energoinvest to change the route of gas supply and switch it to TurkStream gas pipeline, contrary to the contracts on pipeline capacity lease signed with Hungarian FGSZ and Serbian Transportgas.

Therefore, BH-Gas has filed a complaint against Energoinvest, providing extensive documentation confirming the illegal activities, with special emphasis on the fact that the gas supply system will be operated by Serbian Transportgas and Gas Promet from the Republic of Srpska. Namely, the gas supply to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) will be run by foreign companies.

BH-Gas Acting Director Jasmin Salkic said that this undermines the sovereignty of FBiH, adding that, according to previous decisions made by the Federal Government, all parties – including Energoinvest and BH-Gas must exclusively import natural gas via Hungary route, due to already signed contracts, which include 23 million euros penalty if terminated.  Salkic also claims that the dispatch center in Serbia currently makes capacity nominations for FBiH via TurkStream, which represents an attack to FBiH sovereignty and a threat for the implementation of strategic project of BH-Gas. Earlier in March, Federal Minister of Mining, Energy and Industry Nermin Dzindic said that natural gas in FBiH could be 20 % cheaper if supplied via TurkStream route.