Bosnia and Herzegovina, Companies in the Republic of Srpska will pay more expensive electricity next year

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Businessmen in the Republic of Srpska (RS) will pay more expensive electricity next year. Instead of this year’s 53 euros, the price will range between 60 and 68 euros per megawatt (MW).

As reported by the portal, the businessmen unanimously accepted that the price of electricity should be adjusted for their needs, but no agreement was reached on the amount of the price.

“Businessmen agree to increase the price from 53 to 60 euros per megawatt (MW), while from Elektroprivreda RS they are asking for a price of 68 euros per megawatt.” That is unacceptable for businessmen, because it would represent an increase of almost 30 percent, and when you compare it with the price of 38 euros per megawatt from 2020, it would then mean almost twice as expensive electricity,” says the source of that portal.

He points out that the problem is that ERS cannot even guarantee a price that is acceptable to businessmen.

On the other hand, the relevant ministry announced today that consultations were held with representatives of the RS, the RS Chamber of Commerce and the Union of Employers’ Associations.

At that meeting, it was announced that there was an increase in costs in business and electricity production, which significantly affect the production price per kilowatt-hour. As it is added, because of this there is a need to increase electricity prices for the next year.

“Representatives of business associations showed understanding and expressed a unanimous opinion that the price of electricity for the economy needs to be corrected, stressing that this issue should be the subject of further discussions before making a final decision”, the announcement states.

It is added that the Republika Srpska will still have the most favorable and lowest price of all the countries in our environment, even with the increase in the price of electricity.

“The Government of the Republika Srpska will continue to provide support to the measures available”, the announcement states.

As emphasized, it was agreed to continue consultations regarding the price of electricity, in order to reach an agreement.

As previously reported by Nova Ekonomija, businessmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which the RS is one of the entities, demanded that their electricity prices be limited, Nova Ekonomija reports.