Bosnia and Herzegovina, Decision on HPP Buk Bijela by May

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The Commission for Concessions of BiH, ie the Joint Commission for Concessions of BiH and Republika Srpska, should come out with a decision on the construction of a hydroelectric power plant on the Drina by the beginning of May.

The members of the commission will soon visit the location, review the documentation and hold a working session in April, and will come out with their decision at the end of April or the beginning of May at the latest, said Milomir Amovic, a member of the BiH Concessions Commission.

At the request of 24 deputies of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina determined on July 16 last year that there was a dispute over the decision of Republika Srpska to add a concession for the construction of HPP Buk Bijela on the Drina River in Foca.

This hydroelectric power plant, whose value is around 220 million euros, is being built jointly by the Republika Srpska and Serbia, and the deputies of the Federation of BiH who submitted the appeal believe that the concession should be given by BiH institutions because it is an interstate project.

Due to a procedural failure, the original decision-making deadline was extended by an additional six months.

The cornerstone for Buk Bijela on the Drina was laid in mid-May 2021 by Radovan Viskovic and Ana Brnabic, the prime ministers of the Republika Srpska and Serbia, and immediately after that the appeals of the deputies of the Federation of BiH followed.

According to the project, the Gornja Drina hydropower system, which consists of three hydropower plants, will be built jointly by Serbia and Republika Srpska. In the company that was founded on that occasion, the majority owner of 51 percent is the state of Serbia, and 49 percent is Republika Srpska.

The value of the first hydroelectric power plant is around 220 million euros, and the value of the total investment is estimated at around 520 million euros.