Bosnia and Herzegovina: Due to coronavirus outbrake hydrocarbon exploration tender deadline extended

, SEE Energy News

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) has adopted an information from the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the international public call for awarding concessions for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation in FBiH and decided to extend the deadline for the submission of bids to fourth quarter of 2020.

The Government tasked the Ministry to carry out all activities regarding the extended deadline for bids submission, to determine the exact date until which bids can be submitted and publish this information at least two months prior to that date.

In January, FBIH launched a tender for awarding a concession contract for oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the Pannonian basin and the Dinarides. All interested parties can submit their bids by 27 May deadline, while the winner is expected to be announced a month later. The concession contract with the winner should be signed in September. FBiH is offering to interested investors concessions for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation in three blocks in the Panoninan basin (BiHPo1, BiHPo2 and BiHTz) and one block in the Dinarides (BiHD1).