Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elektroprijenos BiH recorded a net loss in 2021

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Bosnian state-owned electricity transmission system operator Elektroprijenos BiH recorded a net loss in 2021, although its revenues were by 5 million euros higher compared to 2020, when the operator recorded net profit.

Despite 60 million euros in revenues in 2021, Elektroprijenos BiH ended the year with a net loss in the amount of 5.7 million euros, compared to net profit of some 1 million euros a year before.

Given the operator’s financial reports from previous years, it is evident that the company has been losing money, although it has a monopoly on the market. Five years ago, the company’s loss amounted to 650,000 euros, while in 2018, its losses rose to 3.5 million euros. Negative trend continued until 2019, when Elektroprijenos BiH achieved record loss in the amount of 7.3 million euros.

The company’s primary task is to transfer all electricity produced in power plants to electricity distribution companies and large industrial consumers, and to connect the electricity transmission system of Bosnia and Herzegovina with that of neighboring countries, thus enabling export, import and transit of electricity.

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