Bosnia and Herzegovina: Energy Balance for this year adopted

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The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) adopted the Energy Balance for 2021, in which it was assessed that the planned quantities of four energy sources meet the preconditions for a stable supply this year.

According to the Energy Balance, the planned coal production in 2021 amounts to 7,226,180 tons, while the consumption of this energy resources should reach 6,981,455 tons. Of that amount, 5,413,000 tons will be used in thermal power plants for electricity production, 907,580 tons will be used by industrial consumers, and 660,875 tons by other consumers. 242,000 tons are planned for export.

Total planned production of electricity in 2021 should reach 8,698 GWh, while the consumption is planned at 6,971 GWh. Therefore, domestic consumption should entirely cover consumption, while surplus of 714 GWh is planned for export. The consumption and import of natural gas in 2021 should reach 175,000 cubic meters.