Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPBiH expects to achieve record revenues in 2022

, SEE Energy News

Bosnian state-owned power utility EPBiH said that it expects to achieve record revenues in 2022, however, its pre-tax profit is expected to reach just 3.1 million euros, compared to a profit of 7.2 million euros recorded in 2021.

The statement from the company said that its operating revenues should reach 654.5 million euros in 2022, compared to 562.5 million euros last year. On the other hand, its operating expenditures are expected to rise by 13.4 % year-on-year to 505 million euros.

However, EPBiH projects that its pre-tax profit in 2023 would increase to 59.3 million euros in 2023, 135 million euros in 2024 and 201 million euros in 2025. Regarding revenues, the projections are: 730 million euros in 2023, 767 million euros in 2024 and 836 million euros in 2025.

EPBiH plans to produce a total of 5,881 GWh of electricity in 2022, significantly lower compared to 6,677 GWh generated in 2021. For the 2023-2025 period, the company expects to produce a total of 19,380 GWh of electricity, 21.1 % of which would come from hydropower plants, with the remainder generated by coal-fired thermal power plants, as well as wind and solar.