Bosnia and Herzegovina: ERS’ distribution network investments for the next 10 years

, SEE Energy News

Bosnian power utility ERS will invest almost 200 million euros in rehabilitation and modernization of electricity distribution network in the next ten years, according to Executive Director for technical affairs at ERS Goran Vukoje.

Vukoje said that one of the most important things that the electricity distribution companies have done in the past period is the introduction of the SCADA system, which cost around 4 million euros, and was successfully tested in September last year. Some of the benefits of that system are increased security, electricity supply with minimal downtime, quality of fieldwork management and most importantly – fast intervention in case of network failure.

He said that in 2020, electricity losses at the level of five distributions companies within ERS were 10.31 %, which is an increase of 0.35 % compared to the previous year. Standard losses in EU countries range from 4.5 to 6 %, and only Elektrodistribucija Doboj fits into that standard with losses in the amount of 5.05 %.

Vukoje stressed that ERS has managed to reduce electricity losses by more than 6 % in recent years. One of the most important measures for reducing electricity losses is the introduction of smart measuring devices. For example, Elektrodistribucija Doboj now has 13,992 devices in the remote reading system, or 69 %. Last year, Elektro-Bijeljina took out a loan and procured 20,065 smart meters, of which about 8,100 are already installed. Also, Elektrokrajina plans to introduce 26,000 smart meters to the remote reading system in the next three years.