Bosnia and Herzegovina, ERS recapitalizes Trebesnjica HPPs

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Before the expiration of the deadline for exercising the right to preemptive purchase of shares of Hidroelektrana na Trebišnjici (HET) in the process of recapitalization on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, an increase in trade in securities of this company is noticeable.

Holders of ordinary shares registered in the Central Registry of Securities on March 18, 2022, had the right of first refusal to purchase shares of HET, in proportion to their participation in the share capital.

The deadline for exercising the right of first refusal to buy shares began on March 31 and lasted until Thursday.

The parent company of Elektroprivreda RS subscribed shares in proportion to its share in the capital of HET (64.9%), ie it invested 83.7 million KM (42.4 million euros) in the recapitalization, it was confirmed for Capital.

PREF, which has a 10% stake, did not use the right of first refusal to buy shares, while the Investment and Development Bank of Republika Srpska did not even consider the participation of the Restitution Fund in this recapitalization.

The remaining shares from the show, if any, will be the subject of a public offering on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange.

Before that, the turnover of HET shares increased, which from the end of March to Thursday amounted to a total of 57,086 KM (30 thousand euros).

Two significant share purchases were made on Wednesday and Thursday – 57,290 shares, or 100,000 shares.

The share price was 0.34 KM (0.17 euros), while in the recapitalization the offered price was 0.46 KM (0.23 euros) and the sales order for the remaining shares will be entered at the same price, with a standard increase of 0.01 KM.

After an unsuccessful attempt to recapitalize in January, the management of Hidroelektrana na Trebisnjici decided to change the conditions under which it will provide additional money and issue fewer shares (280 million) than originally planned, and they increased the price per share to 0.23 euros.


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