Bosnia and Herzegovina, ERS to focus on wind, solar and hydro energy

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Director of Bosnian state-owned power utility ERS Luka Petrovic said that the company has made the development plan, which focuses on investments in wind, solar and hydro energy.

Petrovic said that ERS will be investing in new electricity generation capacity in these sources, especially solar, because, according to him, solar energy has huge and still untapped potential in the Balkans. He added that ERS will also invest in hydro-based electricity generation on Drina, Trebisnjica, Vrbas and Bosna rivers.

Regarding wind energy, ERS is currently working on just one project – wind farm Hrgud.

He reminded that ERS recently launched a tender for the installation of rooftop solar panels on private buildings, adding that another tender, related to public buildings, will be launched soon. The future prosumers will sign a 25-year agreement of the purchase of surplus electricity and will b e able to install solar panels at subsidized price.