Bosnia and Herzegovina: ERS to increase electricity price for large retailers

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Major retailers in the Republic of Srpska (RS) will pay 40 euros/MWh of electricity supplied by stateowned power utility ERS until the end of the year. At today’s meeting between the representatives of ERS and large retail chains, it was agreed that after 1 January 2020, the price will increase to 45 euros/MWh.

Spokesman of the RS Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Blagojevic said that initially ERS wanted to immediately increase electricity price for large retailers to 50 euros/MWh, but the two sides eventually agreed on lower price. He noted that in the next month ERS will analyze the consumption of large retailers in the RS and, in accordance with its business policy, will approve additional bonuses for these customers.

In late August, it was agreed that the price of electricity should rise from 31.3 euros/MWh to 35 euros/MWh for 28 large industrial consumers in the RS. It was also agreed that this price will not be changed in the next 16 months. The new price will come into force as of 1 September.

Last electricity price hike for commercial customers was in February this year and amounted to 4.9 %.