Bosnia and Herzegovina, Four wind farms are planned to be commissioned in 2023 and 2024

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Bosnia and Herzegovina has three operational wind farms, while another four are planned to be commissioned in 2023 and 2024.

Two of the three wind farms were built by state- owned power utilities EPBiH and EP HZHB – Podvelezje and Mesihovina, while Jelovaca wind farm was constructed by private company FL Wind.

Earlier this week, the Federal Government announced that it gave approval for the connection to the transmission network to another four wind projects.

Local company Tomkup received the approval for its wind farm Baljci in late 2020. The wind farm will have installed capacity of 48 MW with an estimated annual electricity generation of 145.8 GWh. In April 2021, the approval was also given to local company Relaks for wind farm Ostrc. Both of the wind farms were supposed to be commissioned in 2022, but the projects are still in the preliminary phase.

On the other hand, construction of Ivovik wind farm is in progress. The project is being built by Chinese companies, it was supposed to be completed in 2022, but the deadline was pushed to 2023. This should be the biggest wind farm in BiH, with installed capacity of 84 MW and expected annual electricity generation of 260 GWh.

In late 2022, the construction of 25 MW wind farm Ivan Sedlo has started. The wind farm will generate about 70 GWh of electricity per year and it should be commissioned in 2024.

Total installed capacity for all wind projects with approved connection to the transmission networks amounts to 321.4 MW.

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