Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gross electricity production in February

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Gross electricity production in Bosnia and Herzegovina amounted to 1,948 GWh in February 2021, compared to 1,469 GWh in the same month last year, according to Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

In total gross electricity production hydropower plants participated with the share of 48.8 %, thermal power plants with 49.5 % and solar and wind power plants with 1.7 %. Net production of hydropower plants amounted to 944 GWh in February 2021, which is 133 % more than in the same month in 2020. Thermal production amounted to 874 GWh, which is 6.6 % less than last February. Electricity production from renewable sources (wind and solar) reached 33 GWh.

Electricity imports dropped by 26.4 % to 173 GWh in February from last year’s 235 GWh, while exports increased by 37 % to 1,060 GWh (629 GWh in February 2020). Production of lignite in BiH amounted to 527,000 tons in February 2021, which is 1.9 % more compared to the same month last year, while the production of brown coal decreased by 12.2 % and amounted to 474,000 tons. Natural gas imports in February 2021 amounted to 27.92 million cubic meters, which is 0.6 % more than a year before (27.74 million cubic meters).