Bosnia and Herzegovina, HET plans to build 32 MW HPP Bileca within the Gornji Horizonti hydro complex

, SEE Energy News

Hidroelektrane na Trebisnjici (HET), a subsidiary of Bosnian power utility ERS, plans to build 32 MW hydropower plant Bileca within the Gornji Horizonti hydro complex. It would be the last hydropower plant in the cascade, after HPP Nevesinje and HPP Dabar, which is already under construction.

Namely, HET has submitted to the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology a request for a preliminary environmental impact assessment for HPP Bileca construction project. The plant would have two turbines with total installed capacity of 32 MW and estimated annual electricity generation of 122 GWh.

Run-of-the-river HPP Bileca would be the third hydropower plant within the Gornji Horizonti complex, after 60 MW HP Nevesinje and 160 MW HPP Dabar. Below the future plant, HET already operates HPP Trebinje 1, while the production of HPP Dubrovnik at the mouth of Trebisnjica is shared with Croatian power utility HEP.

After the completion of Gornji Horizonti hydro complex, total installed capacity on the Trebisnjica river should reach 1.1 GW, with annual electricity generation of 3.9 TWh.