Bosnia and Herzegovina: Investment Group Balkan plans to build solar power plant in Sokolac

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Investment Group Balkan, a venture established by companies from Russia, China and Lithuania has expressed interest in the construction of solar power plant, stretching over an area of over 100 hectares, in Sokolac municipality in the Republic of Srpska (RS).
Mayor of Sokolac Milovan Bjelica said that the potential investment in the plant is over 100 million euros, adding that the municipality is not planning to sell the land on which the plant will be built, but to lease it. However, the municipality will have to consult with the relevant bodies in the RS, because it doesn’t have the capacity to issue all the necessary licenses for the construction and operation of such a facility.
Bjelica added that the study performed back in 2005 shows potential for the construction of two solar power plants in the Sokolac municipality – one with 60 MW of installed capacity and the other with 80 MW.

Last year, local company RSV Energy said that is planning to invest some 36 million euros in the construction of the largest solar power plant in BiH, near Bosanski Petrovac in northwestern part of the country. The Ministry of Economy of the Una-Sana Canton said that the agreement for the construction of this solar power plant with installed capacity of 47 MW, that will stretch over an area of some 80 hectares, is expected to be signed with RSV Energy by the end of the year. RSV Energy already commissioned one solar power plant in BiH, albeit much smaller – 150 kW plant in the municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, with annual generation of 219 MWh of electricity.

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