Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ivan Sedlo wind farm construction to start in August

, SEE Energy News

In 2018, the Sarajevo Cantonal Government has granted a concession to Suzlon Wind Energy BiH for the construction of Ivan Sedlo wind farm near the town of Hadzici. The project originally envisaged the installation of 12 wind turbines in Hadzici municipality with combines installed capacity of 25.2 MW. The Government of Sarajevo Canton signed an annex to the agreement with Suzlon Wind Energy BiH, local subsidiary of Danish wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon, which, among other things, envisages the start of construction of 25 MW wind farm Ivan Sedlo in August this year. CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy BH Samir Dzaferbegovic said that, if everything goes according to plan, the wind farm could be put into operation in 2023. The annex to 30 million euros agreement with Suzlon also decreased the number of wind turbines from twelve to five, keeping the original installed capacity of 25 MW. Dzaferbegovic said in 2018 that the location at Ivan Sedlo was selected because of good climate for investors in Hadzici municipality and Sarajevo Canton as well. The measurements, performed at three micro locations, have shown that the average speed of wind is 7.7 m/s, which makes the site convenient for wind farms. Total investment in the development of this project so far amounts to about one million euros, while the procurement of equipment and the construction of infrastructure would amount up to 30.5 million euros. After obtaining all the necessary permits, the wind farm could be built within a year.