Bosnia and Herzegovina: New SPP in Ljubuski municipality

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In Zvirici, Ljubuski municipality in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a local construction company Toming is building a solar power plant with installed capacity of 3 MW, according to Bosnian media.

The new solar power plant will stretch over 8 hectares and will supply electricity enough to cover the demand of some 300 households. Toming leased the lend from the municipality at the price of 6.1 euros per square meter.

Solar generation is still in its infancy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Earlier in July, the Government of the Republic of Srpska (RS) signed a concession agreement with EFT Group on the construction of 50 MW solar power plant near Bileca. State-owned power utility ERS is also planning to build a large-scale solar power plant near Trebinje, but recently downscaled the project’s output from 100 to 73 MW.