Bosnia and Herzegovina, No significant electricity price increases by 2025

, SEE Energy News

Director of state-owned power utility ERS Luka Petrovic said that the price of electricity in the Republic of Srpska (RS) is several times lower compared to the region and will not be significantly increased by 1 January 2025, when prices should be market based.

Petrovic said that, until that date, residential consumers should have no fears of serious hikes, but after 1 January 2025, unless ERS completes investments in new electricity generation capacities, there could be some significant price increases, adding that ERS has enough time to enter the transition and reorganization period.

He pointed out that if solar capacity is not increased by then, the potential for further electricity price subsidies will be diminished, which could lead to price increases.

Therefore, ERS is now focused on the construction of new solar, wind and hydro capacities in order to continue producing surplus electricity, which will enable RS to continue to have low electricity prices for households after 2025.

He reminded that, currently, residential consumers in RS pay 22.5 euros/MWh of electricity, while those in Slovenia pay up to 220 euros/MWh.