Bosnia and Herzegovina: Reduced gas prices for all industrial consumers

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The gas price will drop in the second quarter of 2020 by 6.5 % compared to the first quarter. Bosnian gas company BH-Gas said that all industrial consumers, which are supplied directly by the company, will benefit from reduced gas prices.

Such a reduction is based on a decrease in the prices of oil and oil products on the global market. Since the beginning of the year, BH-Gas has reduced its gas price by about 10 % for industrial consumers. At the same time, as the gas price calculation is based on averages of oil and oil products over the past nine months, a further fall in gas prices can be expected. Thus, the price reductions should continue in the third quarter, as well.

Director of BH-Gas Jasmin Salkic said that, in cooperation with the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company is negotiating on better terms for gas transit through Hungary, which could result in lower prices even for residential consumers.

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