Bosnia and Herzegovina: Rehabilitation contract for HPP Rama

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HPP Rama is located on the Rama river near the town of Prozor. It has two units with installed capacity of 80 MW each. Bosnian power utility EP HZHB, the smallest of the three utilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has signed a contract for the overhaul of unit at its hydropower plant Rama.

The value of the contract is around 450,000 euros and it was signed with a consortium of Croatian companies Koncar and Advensys Engineering. EP HZHB said that the overhaul will last for several months, during which HPP Rama will not seize operation.

EP HZHB recorded a significant decrease of its net profit in 2020. Its net profit dropped to around 420,000 euros last year, compared to a net profit of 1.3 million euros recorded in 2019. The company’s operating revenues in 2020 dropped by 33.3 % and reached 159 million euros, while operating expenditures decreased by 24 % to 160.8 million euros.