Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sokolac municipality has defined a location for the future solar power plant

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The Mayor of Sokolac Milovan Bjelica said that the municipality has defined a location for the future solar power plant.

The area covering 150 hectares of municipal land is located near the Bjelosavljevici village and should host the future solar power plant with installed capacity of 100 MW.

The investor in the project is local company Enerstate, a subsidiary of German Enerstate Holding, which is currently seeking a concession for the construction of the plant. According to investor, the project’s cost is estimated to around 100 million euros,

Mayor Bjelica said that the municipality will stage a concession procedure for the solar project, which has been in the preparation phase for some four years. He said that current transmission infrastructure can support a power plant of up to 100 MW at the location.

Last year, Sokolac municipality announced that Lithuanian solar developer Solitek is planning to invest some 80 million euros in the construction of 100 MW solar power plant.

The statement from the municipality said that the Lithuanian company will develop the project as a part of a consortium, which includes one company from Poland and one from Serbia. Sokolac Mayor Milovan Bjelica said that it is expected that the construction of the solar power plant will start within the nest two months.

In early 2020, the municipality of Sokolac in the Republic of Srpska (RS) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation on developing a solar power plant with Investment Group Balkan.

The MoU is related to a potential investment in the construction of 60 MW solar power plant, located in the area of the village of Breakovici.

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