Bosnia and Herzegovina: Southern Gas Interconnection with Croatia – Draft Law adopted

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FBiH is currently supplied with natural gas from only one direction and also from only one source, using a pipeline that crosses the Serbia-BiH border near Zvornik and continues to Kladanj, Sarajevo, Zenica and Travnik. The House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) adopted the Draft Law on Southern Gas Interconnection with Croatia, thus creating the preconditions for the realization of this project.

Apart from the fact that FBiH is dependent on only one source and supply route, it should be noted that the existing gas pipeline, built in 1979, is obsolete and burdened during the winter period when gas consumption is highest. Therefore, in the explanation of the draft law it is pointed out that the construction of a new gas interconnection in the direction Zagvozd (Croatia)-Imotski-Posusje-Novi Travnik stretch, with a branch toward Mostar, recognized as a project of the greatest importance for FBiH. The Southern Gas Interconnection is thus included in all key strategic, planning and development documents adopted at the level of FBiH and BiH. Last month, the USAID project of Assistance to the Energy Sector in BiH and gas company BH-Gas announced the beginning of the campaign of informing the public about the Southern Gas Interconnection project worth around 100 million euros, which entails the construction of 180 kilometers long gas pipeline, 160 of which in Bosnia and Herzegovina.