Bosnia and Herzegovina, The value of electricity exports was 318 million euros in the first five months

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The value of electricity exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period January – May 2022 amounted to 624.2 million KM (318.3 million euros), according to data from the BiH Agency for Statistics.

That is 85.5% more than in the same period last year.

In May alone, the export of electricity reached 129.3 million KM (66 million euros) and if this trend continues, the total value of exports in 2022 could exceed half a billion euros.

The value of exports was raised by stock prices of electricity, which have been on the rise since September last year due to the global energy crisis, and were additionally strengthened by the Ukrainian-Russian war.

BiH, along with Bulgaria, is the only country in Southeast Europe that has a surplus in the electricity balance.

Last year, the balance surplus amounted to about 4,900 GWh out of a total of about 17,000 GWh of electricity produced.

According to the data of the State Regulatory Commission for Electricity, 16 legal entities have licenses for international electricity trade in BiH.

In addition to exporting, Bosnia and Herzegovina also imports electricity on a smaller scale, and in five months of this year, imports amounted to 73.1 million KM (37.3 million euros).

The value of electricity exports in 2021 reached 423 million euros, and in 2020, 253.5 million euros.


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