Bosnia and Herzegovina: TPP Stanari finished annual overhaul

, SEE Energy News

Coal-fired thermal power plant Stanari has been successfully connected to the national network after the completion of the planned annual overhaul, on Sunday, 25 October.

According to the statement from the company, works on the boiler, turbine plant and auxiliary systems were completed in full within the planned period of 30 days, which ensures further implementation of the plant’s 2020 production plan.

On Saturday, 26 September, TPP Stanari was taken offline for regular annual maintenance, which will last 30 days. The plant produced 1,560,540 MWh of electricity since the beginning of 2020, while nearby Stanari coalmine excavated 1.93 million tons of coal in the same period. According to 2020 business plan, there are three outages planned for this year. Preventive outages were performed in February and June, with 10 days offline time each, during which boiler and turbines plants, as well as auxiliary systems were inspected.