Bosnia and Herzegovina: Wind farm Grebak beginning of construction

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Project being developed by local company VE Grebak, funded by German investors, consists of construction of the first wind farm in the Republic of Srpska (RS) – wind farm Grebak, near Nevesinje and is worth over 65 million euros.

The wind farm will consist of 10 turbines with power output of 6.6 MW each, with estimated annual electricity generation of 180 GWh. The new facility will significantly affect the structure of the total electricity production in RS, namely will increase the share of renewable energy in total production. The construction of Grebak wind farm should be completed in 24 months.

RS Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Djokic said that there were many obstructions to the project, but at the end everything was successfully overcome and the project will be completed to the benefit of Nevesinje municipality and the RS energy system. He reminded that there are other wind projects in development in RS, such as Hrgud and Trusina wind farms.

Last week, the Ministry said that it has signed an agreement with local company VE Grebak on the increase of installed capacity of the future wind farm Grebak, which now stands at 66 MW. An annex to the original contract signed with VE Grebak takes into account the technical developments that have occurred since the concession request was submitted, as well as improvements in wind turbine production regarding installed capacity and efficiency. The original contract envisaged an installed capacity of 49.5 MW with 15 wind turbines.

Last April, RS Ministry of Energy and Mining and local company VE Grebak have signed a concession agreement for the construction and operation of wind farm Grebak near Nevesinje. The 50-year concession was awarded to VE Grebak in February. The project for the construction of this 49.5 MW wind farm with expected annual electricity production of 130 GWh is worth about 65 million euros. According to the agreement, the concessionaire has to pay one-time fee in the amount of 325,000 euros, while the concession fee amounts to 0.275 eurocents per kWh of produced electricity.