Bosnia: Balanced electricity production in HPPs and TPPs

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Bosnia power utility EPBiH manages all federal TPPs and HPPs connected to the federal grid of Bosnian-Croatian entity. Electricity production decreased by 5.8% in February

Gross electricity generation in BiH in February amounted to 1,432 gigawatt-hours, which is 5.8% less than in the same month last year.

In the total gross production, hydro power plants accounted for 51.9% and thermal power plants for 48.1%, the data of the BiH Agency for Statistics.

In February, gross production from hydro power plants amounted to 743 gigawatt-hours and 689 GWh from thermal power plants, while in January the gross production amounted to 736 GWh, and 840 GWh, from hydro and power plants respectively.