Bosnia: BEH to seek change of commitments of state-owned companies for trading on IBEX

, SEE Energy News

Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) said that it will approach the European Commission (EC) with the proposal on the possible change in the commitments of state-owned energy companies to sell certain volumes of electricity on the day-ahead market of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX).

Currently, in order to avoid fines due to BEH’s restrictions on competition, state-owned electricity producers such as nuclear power plant Kozloduy, thermal power plant Maritsa East 2 and the National Electric Company (NEK) have to sell certain amounts of electricity on the exchange.

The current situation on IBEX is that there is a shortage of peak electricity, which increases the price of electricity on the exchange, while at the same time NEK reports that between 50 and 300 MW of electricity remain unsold each day. One of the solutions for this issue is to ask the EC to allow state-owned companies to sell their electricity through long-term contracts.