Bosnia: Biggest FDI since 2012 is EFTs TPP Stanari project

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Biggest foreign investment since 2012 is the Power plant Stanari owned by UK company EFT say from RS government. Stanari TPP project earlier boosted economy in Doboj municipality nowadays municipality of Stanari will benefit from this important project.

Most foreign investments in the period from 2012th to the end of 2014th concentrated to the area of ​​Doboj (now independent municipality Stanari also was then part of Doboj) in the amount of 100 MEUR, then the area of ​​Banja Luka 87 MEUR and Bijeljina, where foreigners have invested in the economy of about8 MEUR, according to data from commercial courts submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Regional Cooperation.

According to these data, the fourth biggest local community according to the foreign investment in RS during this period was Kozarska Dubica with 7, 3 MEUR, and followed Mrkonjic Grad with 2, 8 MEUR.

On the sixth place of the list of RS local communities after the inflow of foreign direct investments in the period 2012-2014th are Laktasi (2, 7 MEUR), followed Modrica (KM 1, 5 MEUR), Srebrenica (370.000), Samac (300.000) and Kotor Varos (260.000 MEUR).

“According to the economic courts of RS, the largest investments came from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Austria, Slovenia, Russia and Italy”, state from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Regional Cooperation.

For the period 2012-2014th, according to the economic courts of RS, most investments were in the areas of mining and quarrying, trade, financial activities, manufacturing, information and communication, production and electricity supply.

“In 2014th, most foreign investment was in mining and quarrying, amounting to 57 MEUR, 21 MEUR in trading and financial activities in the amount of 15, 5 MEUR”, explained in the Ministry.

It should be noted that late last year was established municipality Stanari, which had previously been part of the town of Doboj, and on whose territory is realized one of the largest infrastructure projects in the energy sector in this region – the construction of power plant Stanari.

Vladimir Blagojevic, spokesman for RS Chamber of Commerce, said that for the increase, both foreign and domestic investment in the economy in RS, it is necessary to abolish or reduce a series of fiscal and para-fiscal taxes, reform of employment laws and solving the problem of illiquidity of the economy and extra-budgetary funds.

“Chamber of commerce also insists on the reduction of public consummation and public administration reform, increasing incentives for the economy and improving labor inspection and judicial authorities in order to combat the gray economy and reform the education system”, he said.

Mico Micic, president of the Association of RS Towns and Municipalities and Mayor of Bijeljina, said that the Union of RS Towns and Municipalities cannot be satisfied with the amount of investment in the economy in RS and the climate for foreign investment in the local community in RS.

“Due to political instability in the country investors put in question the safety of investments, and it is crucial to generally interest investors, and the next are other factors – laws and legal security, favorable tax policies and good conditions at the local level that provide a favorable business environment”, said Micic. According to his words, it is an excellent indicator that Bijeljina failed to meet the criteria for the award of BFC SEE certificate for a favorable business environment in Southeast Europe, primarily by providing favorable land and investing in infrastructure. He said that the investments in Bijeljina mostly arrived in wood processing industry and tourism, and that the insufficient inflow of investments in food production, given the potential of Semberija in this sector.

At the same time, from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Regional Cooperation stress that consolidated investment offer all the local communities and that there were intensified promotional activities to attract foreign investors through the RS offices from abroad. , transmits

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