Bosnia: Croat entity Mostar energy company drops profit in 1H2014

, SEE Energy News

“The Electric Power Industry of HZHB” achieved net profit of 13, 2 MEUR in the first half of 2014th, which is about 64% weaker result than in the previous year when the profit was36, 9 MEUR.

The company, which this year has the worse hydrological situation than last year, achieved an income for the first half of 2014th from 92, 2 MEUR, which is about 21% less than in the previous year when the income amounts to117 MEUR.

Operating expenses amounted to 75, 8 MEUR and also decreased compared to the same period last year when they were in the amount of 78, 3 MEUR.

At the end of the first half of 2014th “EPHZHB” employed 1,812 people, 43 fewer than in the same period last year.

“EPHZHB” has long-term liabilities of 72, 4 MEUR, while current liabilities amounted to25, 4 MEUR, of which the largest part goes to the operating liabilities- 20, 3 MEUR(mainly obligations to the suppliers at home and abroad).

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