Bosnia: Cross border trading market price trends

, SEE Energy News

The regional electricity market in 2014 was characterised by a moderate decrease in prices.

The prolonged favourable hydrological conditions in the region as well as the whole continent resulted in further decrease in prices in the wholesale market. For most part of the year prices ranged between 40 and 45 €/MWh, except during the middle of the year when prices dropped even below 40 €/MWh, and October and November when they exceeded 45 €/MWh.

The reasons for the relatively low electricity price primarily may be found in the economic crisis lasting since 2008, which resulted in stagnation and reduction of consumption in this region, plentiful supply in the market by the countries where nuclear and thermal power plants have a significant share in generation (Ukraine, Bulgaria), and the increasing share of energy from renewable sources, in particular wind power plants (Romania). , transmits

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