Bosnia: DBOT tender for wind park concession announced

, SEE Energy News

Ministry of Industry of Mid-Bosnian Canton has announced a call for construction concession issuance for wind plants on Ranca-Vitovlje location in Travnik municipality.

Exploitation concession is being issued according to the system D.B.O.T. (do, build, operate, transfer) in 30 days’ period and concessioner is obligated to project and to construct wind power plants and to solve property-legal relations before entering the property and to gain certain issuances.

Concession is being issued with contribution of 1,5% electricity production at least accounted on the base of currently valid buyout price for renewable energy sources. 20 points of valuation will go to the technical offer with ideological solution for the Wind Park and estimation of installed power, cost price and calculation of construction justification.

Letter of business bank that the firm of such solvency can provide required credit assets will bring 15 points, offered height of compensation will be evaluated to 50 points and criterion that company has at least one constructed object on BiH territory for electricity production from renewable energy sources in the last three years will bring 15 points.

Deadline for offer submit is 30 days from publishing public competitiveness, while bidders will be literally informed about the time and place of offers’ opening.

Source: Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies