Bosnia: Dongfang Electric China interested in new 300MW TPP Banovici project

, SEE Energy News

One of the most important projects of the coal mine “Banovici” is building of the thermal power plant in Banovici, which will further increase production, and that certainly includes the need for a larger workforce. Talks with investors are currently underway, so intensive work on contract signing can be expected next year.

“We are now in the second phase, the tender is underway, and then starts third phase”, says Munever Cergic, Managing Director of RMU “Banovici” s. c. Banovici.

It is expected to be three to five serious offers, and by the end of 2015th it is expected the contract signing, both with the contractors and a bank that would finance that company. In this regard, delegation from China visited Banovici, namely the representatives of potential investors.
“Such a project launches RMU” Banovici”, we are fully equipped and especially for this project we will use the boiler with a layer that is very friendly to the environment”, said Luo Xiaoming, “Dongfang Electric” from China.

Cergic notes that, when it comes to deals, these are really serious company, and along with representatives of the Chinese company, also came those from the bank, which is interested in investing. The aim was to inform about the details of the project.

“They have financed many of our projects, such as projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Africa, Ethiopia, therefore they have a very close relationship with our company”, adds Xiaoming.

In addition to this, it is expected arrival of other companies, including the Shanghai Electric, and a third Chinese, and then the Russian and Czech companies. Project RMU “Banovici” is a thermal power plant of 300 to 350 megawatts, for the fulfillment of all the conditions set down by the European Union. This would be, added Cergic, meet technical, technological and environmental parameters.